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Welcome to Our Orthopedics Clinic

We offer specialized orthopedics to meet your needs

From routine doctor visits to the most advanced procedures, we’re here for you. Our physicians specialize in orthopedic surgery and handle the diagnosis and treatment of injuries of the bones, muscles and ligaments in both adults and children.

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Specialized Orthopedics to Meet Your Needs

Our specialized physicians and providers deliver individualized, quality care to the injured employee with the goal of returning them back to work safely and quickly. We have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation department that coordinates all care.

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  • Foot & Ankle
  • Hand
  • Hip Conditions
  • Knee Conditions
  • Pediatric
  • Physical Medicine &
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sarcoma/Oncology
  • Shoulder Conditions
  • Spine Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Trauma
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    Patients’ Testimonials

    I had back pain in four vertebrae and I was feeling tired all the time. I visited KKT center two months ago and started treatment for five days; today I feel better and no longer use the stick. After a month I will come back for check up to make sure I am completely cured from the illness.

    Yasser Al Salmi

    I have been receiving sound waves treatment in KKT center for a year and the recovery rate has reached 95% until this date. Now I am on the fourth session and my health condition is super good.

    Yehya Mohamed

    I was walking on a crutch because of a five-degree curvature in the back, and after the sound waves treatment I received at KKT Center Sharjah, this curvature disappeared completely, and I no longer needed the crutch as my condition improved.

    Abdullah Othman

    Two weeks ago, I had a very bad pain in my back and i was not able to stand, I was moved to the hospital by ambulance. I was given a lot of pain killers and others but nothing worked! Thus one of my colleagues brought me here in KKT Spine Center, which just changed my life within two weeks. It brought me back to the normal life and today I can stand very easily and I can walk as i used to walk. I’m very much thankful to this technology and I highly recommend all patients to use the same for their Spine problems.

    N. K., KKT UAE

    I had very severe NF stenosis in my back and very bad knee and severe arthritis; nothing helped! After the very first treatment my pain level was down 80%, now I can function, I can go into stores, you have to try this it is remarkable, it gave me my life back, instead of being able to tolerate life; I can enjoy life right now.

    Susan, KKT Canada

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    We offer specialized orthopedics to meet your needs

    We take care of every orthopaedic condition
    for the young and old alike.

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